Way out of circa 3.14 . 

I saw a bird walking on the ground, unaware of the quantum feasibility. It must really be nice, I guess, to be able to walk when you mostly fly. Why’d it be so difficult to fly. There was this bird walking when it could fly and everything else was supposed to work it’s own way and work it’s own way despite it walking. It’d make so much more sense that for that fleeting moment it was not flying, it would not do us bad to fly; flying would actually take us to a fleeting moment in the true sense, because words and thoughts of birds walking and words about it never can truly encompass what we feel, how we would fly. How it’d be totally a regular thing to happen. More importantly life would be much more exciting if you less to speak, less to observe, less to realise and know what it means to fall short and have no explanation for it, what an anomaly, a pretty colorful and lively anomaly would that be.
Freudian levels tell us fancy things about egos. Wish we had a theorem to measure the fancy things people told, these scientists and musicians and graph them up against about how they are real, and away from the surreal. There’s id and there’s ego, his first two levels and there’s super-ego. Id are the natural instincts, which you make you whine and go for that extra bite, maybe. Ego, the glaring barrier to the drive of the id with its own pre-judged rationalizations, to conceal the id’s conflicts with reality, fighting all the time. It is deplorable, yet largesse how great our ideas of free will stand. It should be perfectly fine and neat, to exert free will to subdue free will and feel wonderfully fine within this ambit of  free will about the apparent subjugation of the free will. It is less confusing than it seems. Intelligent beings have a problem. Part of it, in most cases, the is the classification of situations as problems, hindrance to a thought, fear of conflict, yet an unyielding escapade to be less intelligent. There are things that they teach you and things you learn. Then there’s this network of deception that runs within. If there is a framework, they will make you ponder, to play the piano more and fall in love more often but mostly try to give you reasons to not fall on the piano and play in love. Everything, if not structured and shaken of it’s structure will put one off balance. Dance to your symmetry and do not hum about the fallen cubes.  The things that happen when you are intelligent, I tell you. The bird can just walk. Ah well. Maybe the bird can not just walk, but that’s how i have always seen it, walk, fly, chirp, not think, and sleep. Not sleep maybe. It eats sometimes too. Maybe the bird has figured how the lizard lays eggs and humans do not. It is very difficult for me to be axiomatic about their language and life when it is incoherent to me, my semantics for my own script.  The greatest trap of perspective is a how it gives you the best idea about something you just knew the facts about. But wait, that is what perspective does. That is what language does too.

Free will and language are more unapologetic than their non living premises must project. How can you not see the trap, when you can spell the trap and think of it. So, maybe you should just fly. Literally. Maybe, if you try harder, there are very smart computers at work today. You could make those curvaceous wings with a lot of wax, just like Daedalus. And maybe even like the Taitale, you could give life to those old things that are rotten, just like Medea. Tell your teachings to go quantum, tell them to talk more, to clear your garden of free will; tell them you have yours. Or maybe, do not do so. But sing why you would not do so. Lives are short, that’s what they say, spend it knowing it’s going down and out the day after or maybe the week after, or maybe a week earlier. Galois wrote down fundamentals to roll modern mathematics to modern mathematics; he wrote theorems one night and went for a duel the next morning, and died. Just like that. Sit down and tell yourself what your quantum appeals to you, tell it how to resolve the conflict you desire and battle for when there is so much perspective in your worlds without conflict, without birds which walk, naturally as they would fly, making the observer look and fleet and not sing symphonies about it, and live as if you do not owe an explanation. Because, somewhere deep down, that’s all that is going to come back, your id telling you not explain, explain yourselves to yourself.  


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