Your God, your call. 

Do you believe other people should believe in God? 

Let’s get started. 
 I think the idea of God is the most fitting hyperbole to highlight all the hypocrisy we have. The emotion attached to God is very tensile and fragile, usually bordering on the extreme. Either the supposed attachment to God is underrated or overrated. This is not hapless rhetoric but the real scheme of things. In this age of new found fables, swooning songs, irrevocably admired pop culture and basically all the quasi-art forms that have come up in this fast paced life, all of them, time and again; miss the point. Today, more than ever we barely speak for our audience; we speak for ourselves. Should it satisfy us, should we have tha jazz effect, lo and behold, we speak! My intentions are not to defame the society we live in intellectually but to highlight that amid all this incessant speaking, talking, shouting we miss all that matters. And thereby we miss the point of what is God. Genuinely, I believe we should all believe in God. Why? We’ll know in the end. But keep in mind the definition of God, the definition we blur, the lost definition for which you read the entire paragraph above. 

I sincerely believe, our conscience, our cognitive conscience is delicate. Yes, way too delicate to handle all the impacts of the biological and psychological events that occur with us. If we do not have a coordinated network of well weaved rules and regulations, we’ll break down. Break down big time, lost in the abyss of regretful insanity; insanity that takes away any point in life. God has more to do with faith than religion and this is the downright truth. If people would call this blasphemous of any sort, don’t listen to them! Your God is your own. As kids, we loved to play with you know clay moulds, the blocks or you know puzzles maybe. They were the first and the most exciting toys we ever found. Can we see a common point of union among all our childhood toys? You had the imaginative liberty to work and play with the way you wanted, create your own product, any way. I have made many designs with the blocks and played with clay. It was amazing because I could give it a different shape each time and it also fulfilled my objective to have fun and pass time. There. The objective.  

Our alliance and allegiance to God follows a similar analogy. We have an objective. We need a object to fulfil that, a semi-psychological tool to fulfil that. Among all the variegated highs and lows that we feel we need to have a harbour, a constant in our lives, which like a lighthouse does to a lost ship, finds us back. There. That is the whole point of our lives, is not it? To be able to come back to where we thought we belonged, to move forward again to where we think we will belong? We define purpose, we can only define it only when we have an idea of where we will end up. To have a constant in life, in whatever context you want to think of it as, is the first step to understand and live to the fullest this life that we have. I have seen people hang on very tight to jeans older than their children or vehicles which their grandparents bought. Obviously, we know there is this deep emotional connect. But ever thought what does it signify? It gives them a feeling of home, somewhere where they can trace their roots to. It’s a very, very important deal for us to know where our roots are, again in whatever context you will. And this seems to be a great psychological battle, it is the single thing that every person, irrespective of whoever or wherever he/she is strives for. This is where you need God. To be your constant. There is a firm and bold line between religion and faith. They are not interdependent on each other, no. When you’re sad and really distressed and you get this vibe to stand up again in your life because hey they whole point is to get back up again and be happy; if you realise that, resilience and hope are your God. Whatever your conscience strikes so strongly, a feeling so strongly that your will works in a consistent flow to achieve it, that exact feeling can be perfectly defined as God, or the tools which help you achieve it. The energy which flows through you when you achieve or go through such varied emotions at varied times in your life, that is God. Everything around is a manifestation of God; only if you believe in it. Only if you want to. God is your own fancy subjective tool to make you live this extremely bewildering wild life, it’s your free pass, your own aesthetic box of manuals to ride this journey. You evolve with it and it evolves with you. Hence it this framework which helps you to not worry about the extreme fundamentals in your life and work generally in the world like you do. We are all going to question all that we want to at some point. But as I mentioned we won’t have our minds explode with the very deep queries we have in our lives at every point because we will always deduce some meaning of our life in some way. That painting we paint, answering some of the meaning of our lives, is our God. All that you think you can be, all that think you are.  

You do not need to believe in God if you don’t want to. But in order to intellectually sustain yourself, you need another cognitive framework. You can call that something else. People popularly call it God. It’s your life and it’s your call. We should know God or no God, we got to keep our juggernaut rolling. Believe that, you are the God and He is you. The truth is always different from what it looks. See it, know it, assess it, and then believe it. Cheers! 


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