We ain’t no living it all. 

There’s been a dearth of posts lately. Back here, this is a piece of how transient our life’s are. We can’t afford to jiggle a lot of meaning to it by living it all. You gotta let go to let it come back at you. You have to let your experiences guide you. Cheers! 
It’s amazing how strong there is this urge to pen down how you feel, how things are from your standpoint, how the universe works around you. We tend to correlate a lot of our exterior environment with the inner soul and try to find able worded definitions and search identities. To that end, there is this beautiful fallacy we live through. I always believe we as humans live as beautiful and admirable fallacies. And no innuendos here. When a bee goes out to get nectar from a plant, it sees many flowers and ultimately zeroes in on for it’s food, it’s decision having elements which we as much more complex being, will be unable to comprehend. The important aspect of this bee and his nectar story is not the decision but the consequence. It ultimately feeds on nectar. No matter which flower, it feeds on nectar. And that point of time it cannot access the other flowers because well, boy that is a difficult task. Humans have this fear of missing out but we seem to associate a lot of negative feedback loops to it. We constantly think of things we couldn’t do or be, essentially not doing or becoming things that we are doing. And thereby we kind of, just for a little while stretching like a third of our lives get stuck in the middle. Barring some, of course. We can’t get everything. I will just ask you to think about it. How long do you think life is? Not as long as our stories and dreams and thoughts. You have to live through some of the moments and surprisingly living them fully and gratefully registers them as the best memories and paints a formidable picture of you for that particular memory. There you don’t miss out on your worth. We are going to get the same result whether by one way or another. Often, human civilisation is marked for things that they didn’t do rather than what we did. Let’s try to not be in places we are not. You deal this journey piece by piece, meal by meal. There’s no cheat code and quick fix to qualitative experience.   

Here’s what Brene Brown observes amazingly about FOMO. 


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